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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue1)

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By: Icy Redillas


It's funny how we started an organization with only fifteen members? But someone boost our spirit by saying  “it’s alright people we are not after  the  quantity ,   but quality.” and BOOM!! (my  collection of  his words of wisdom started…)

            Together with the Team Guidance, PVA underwent a series of training.  Sensitivity Training is one,  where  we  were given the opportunity to discover more about ourselves while having fun!! (Package Deal!)


            I am very grateful that from fifteen members, we are now one  big happy   family of thirty-nine!!

            There are two things that  I’ll never forget:    DEADLINE and RESULTS..    Believe me, once you become part of the PVA family, you will understand and          appreciate what I’m  talking about …

            PVA  made me   realize three  things:  we are not just any other  organization, we are people of       substance and that PVA is truly a  leaders’ hub, thanks to the  Team Guidance.

            The joy of being part of the PVA shall always be with us and the legacy will go on and on..

Go PEERS!!!!

La Consolacion College Manila* Guidance and Counseling Center* 8 Mendiola StreetManilaPhilippines * 1005