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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 2)

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Count Your Fingers

-          the dreamer


Happy New Year to All!  Now, before anything else, I would like you to look at your hands and count your fingers.  Complete? Good!  If not, well… history teaches us nothing.


Sorry, this came out late.  We were busy with so many things nowadays. 


So many things happened these past few weeks.  The counselors have been shipped from one school to another because they were assisting the Admissions Office’s out-campus admissions test.  Their hands were also full with our students, as they flocked in for counseling and updating of personal files.  Ms. Jac was up to her neck with all the calls she’s making, preparing for the upcoming Job Fair, while Ms Tin was in her usual composed self, juggling the Peer activities inside and outside of the campus, as well as having to deal with MC Peer endeavors.  Ms Laarni has been experiencing bad hair day for weeks, having to manage the ISO filing system along with the nonstop flooding of students in her office.  Ms Weng has been on a rollercoaster ride due to the numerous problems she faced processing the “adjustment blues” of our freshies almost everyday. 


Our new cast member, Ms. Mau, who’s handling the high school students, is still in shock with her experiences with our students, while Ms Lei, our grade school counselor, carried herself with her usual grace under pressure.  Both BED counselors were bombarded with preparations of guidance-related activities.


Sir Perry hasn’t stopped scratching his head since he became the researcher of this office.  Ms. Luz was, and still is, submerged with numbers as she computes the scores of the psychological tests administered to the pupils of BED.  Ate Fe...well, she’s Ate Fe.


So, what’s in store for you for the next two to three months?  I can truthfully say that we are fully prepared for anything.  In our office, UNPREDICTABILITY seems to be the by-word.  Just when we thought we could relax and take a breather... BANG!


Something New…Something Novel…

With the limited space to move about, the office has been trying to improve itself slowly, gradually… We have many “outrageous” proposals that have been turned down, but no matter.  We still strive to get to where we believe is the right direction of the office, in alignment with the Vision Mission of our school. 


Like in the story of Peter Pan, as long as there is one person left who believe in us, we will survive.

La Consolacion College Manila* Guidance and Counseling Center* 8 Mendiola StreetManilaPhilippines * 1005