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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 2)

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I Know Just How You Feel!




There was a time that I felt something is missing,

Until you came and twisted my life;

But you keep ignoring me and it means a lot;

I’ll just get rid of you, besides I don’t need you!


I know it’s not that easy, being real;

As simple pretender;

Ignoring the truth and acting busy

But in reality I’m lonely.

Saying ‘I’m ok’ but it was just the opposite

Of what my eyes are telling;

Is it time for me to look for someone

Who’s worth all the pain?


I’ve tried to change the way I am,

But it just turned miserable,

They were so disappointed

And left me behind; all alone;

I hate it and I even hate myself!

Is there anyone really there for me? I

 don’t know what to do!


I know loving someone secretly is too hard to do;

I try to be strong,

But the pain keeps holdin’ on

And all that I can do is cry.

They keep on saying that you’re here with me.

But the where are you? Is it all a lie?


I’m so tired waiting for you to be appreciated.

Trying to accept and understand

And everything, even if I can’t;

And at this moment my heart starts to break into pieces.

Should I still insist to myself to wait for you?


Alright, I’m done with it!

Before, I’m just a bit coward, even get mad at you.

But now, I’m on my way, I will stand tall;

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