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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 2)

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The “it is not” and “but is” of PEER VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION

BY: Diah Mae Abida (PVA Member)



PVA is not…

            A clique-  small groups talking among themselves. Interest Groups of PVA was formed to develop one’s potentials and to discover something from within. It was not formed to build gap, rather it was organized to link us together.

            Chairman-centered- everybody addressing only the chairman. Once you become part of the peer, you will be equally treated.

            A Monologue-  one doing all the talking while the others just listen. Peers always have something smart to share.

            A Side chain-  people whispering with each other. PVA has a rule: “One-mouth rule’.

            A Debate-  two people discussing with the rest as onlookers. At the end of everything, PEER MEMBERS will learn to talk and be a leader.

But is…

         A General Interaction…

        We support, encourage one another

             We give smile to each other

              that serves as an inspiration

                         We speak out what we have in our mind

                        We make difference and

                 practice teamwork


             We are one family and act as one!!!

            GO PEERS!!!

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