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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Isuue 2)

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Charlie’s Beam (A Fantasy story of having Peers around)

By: Diah Mae Abida (PVA Member)



Once upon a time, there was a girl name Charlie. She was in her room, sad, crying and with darkness swirling around her. She was a smart girl. She obeyed her parents and had friends. It seemed her life was perfect. But, Charlie was not happy. She felt she had no unique talents and lacked self confidence. Charlie dreamed of making the world a better place, but did not know how and where to begin.

One night, as Charlie was saying her bedtime prayers, she saw a presence, radiating with white light. When she had second look, she realized and surprised that the entity was an angel. Odd and funny, the man was wearing a suit as if he will run for president of the Philippines with wings on his back.

“Who are you?” asked Charlie.

“My name is Yogi, I am your angel and I know why you are unhappy. If you will allow me, I am willing to help you.” said the angel.

Charlie’s eyes grew wider. “How?”

“First, I will guide you in becoming sensitive to your self. This will become your stepping stone to become better.”

Angel Yogi then moved his wings, dance in the air and sing YOU’LL BE IN MY HEART. Suddenly, Charlie’s room became so dark. She was able to see her image reflected at the corner of her room, how good she is and how others perceive her to be good.

“This is amazing.” said Charlie. “But I am not talented like my classmates. I cannot be like them.” She began to cry.

“Of course you can! It is my specialty to facilitate people who have those kinds of feelings.” The angel moved her wings, danced in the air and sang YOU’LL BE IN MY HEART once again. Angel Yogi let Charlie experience events where she is in charge. Charlie made use of her talents, wondrous and unique.  Her confidence boosted, creativity flowed out of her.

Still, it was not enough. “I am talented, but I still don’t understand many things about the world.’ said Charlie. Again, she started to cry.

“My dear, that’s what angels are for, to guide and counsel.” He moved his wings, danced and sang. All at once, Charlie became aware about everything. Yet something was still wrong.

“How can I make a difference? I’ll need more friends to help me!” complained Charlie with tears in her eyes.

The angel smiled knowingly and fluttered his wings.  Suddenly, Charlie’s room was filled with young, happy and optimist people. In fact, there were so many peers that Charlie felt herself beamed.

“We are too many! Who will lead us?” asked Charlie.

“All of you can be leaders. But if you want, you can lead them now!  As a token, let me give you something to share with others.” The angel flapped his wings and a strong light flooded the whole place.  When the light died down, the angel was holding something in his hand.  He gave it to Charlie and disappeared.  Charlie opened her hand and found a light in the middle of her palm, a beam.  She felt herself filled with encouragement and confidence.  She found herself standing and facing her peers. She began to speak, encourage and guide her peers.

Charlie and her peers immediately had their bonding. They organized interest groups, activities and group sessions. When their plans resulted according to their objective, Angel Yogi appeared once again, smiling down at them.  Everyone was so happy, especially Charlie, when they realized that every peer came from Angel Yogi’s hand, a beam, a light to guide others.

And so, they worked hand in hand, helping one another, to become who want to be, always guided by the beam that Angel Yogi gave them.

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