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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 2)

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Hearing it from Afar that’s Actually Near

(Random Words of Insight to Ponder)


Roma Grace Velasco

Practicum Intern, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila


Here are some thoughts that we can ponder when we feel like it’s hard to find an answer to some of our life’s questions...

No person can complete another’s life. No person is responsible for completing one’s existence. They are just for movies and fantasy stories. Being complete begins on one’s self. Having contentment and being complete even of being all by one’s self. Having someone extra special in one’s life is like a gift you never asked for and that you never expected to obtain yet it makes you feel good and gratified, but though you didn’t even ask for it, that person makes your life extra happy, extra pleasurable, extra satisfying, extra complete. And it gives a person more reason to thank life for being extra special and feeling super .


You are a prince in your masquerade ball. I am one of the guests.


As every time the music shifts, as every time we exchange partners, as the crowd takes a million turn, I wish I’ll end dancing with you…

“Forgive those people you hate and forget all their mistakes. In that way, you could forgive yourself and be guilt-free and forget all your wrong turns and sins… whatever they are… this will never take you over-night… but…This is your first step to salvation… I assure you that… because you can never move forward towards transcendence having all these heavy hatred pulling you back on the pit of past and pain.

The sweetest revenge that you could show life is to be a better person. Proving yourself and the world that all the miseries that life has brought you didn’t kill you at all, it even made you a better, tougher, and a stronger person who deserves the sweetest taste of life from all its bitter pain.


I forgive and forget people, whatever they have caused me. No matter how appalling it was. If it happened yesterday, I wouldn’t bother remembering it until tomorrow. The hell I care about those people… I care for myself, above all. In this life, when everybody has turned their back on you, even your greatest friend will, the only person you could trust is yourself.  Your only protector is yourself. I forgive people for their mistakes and forget it. I don’t need some stinking garbage trapped in my delicate brain, which is actually prone to insanity. You know… better be careful with yours. And in return, with all my wrong doings and wrong turns, I can manage to forgive myself and forget about the event.  And what’s more important for me is not the final route of my journey, but what I learned in the process of my journey.”


“I know you’ve got a lot of things you’ve been wanting right now… retrieving happiness, gaining back honor, salvation, bringing back the love you’ve lost, fixing and patching up all those black holes that has been swallowing you into nothingness…and a lot more… you are right to say that it will take you an awful lot of time… that’s true… and that is the best way of gaining the things that we truly desire… one step at a time… not in a rush… now we are learning… the quickness of attaining our desires is the same as its swiftness to faint. if we gain things little by little in equity with our efforts and convictions, we will learn more to appreciate the things and people around us and most especially ourselves.  We will give importance to the things that we get because we worked hard for it.”

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