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By:  Sir Perry Montaņa Jr.

In all my years of stay in La Consolacion College, I have never expected to be assigned at the Guidance Center as their researcher. At first, I hesitated to accept the position because I have little knowledge in counseling, being in the School of Business for quite a long time, teaching business management. But God has his own way of letting you know that there is a new experience that would come into your life, far from the usual routine in school.

            I have known Sir Yorgos Lam when I was assigned at the Admission’s Office. I found him a very jolly, kind, intelligent and understanding person. I never realized that he would be my next boss. Although I’m much older than him, I have high respect for his leadership style.         Since he started as Director of the Guidance Center in 2005, students were spending their vacant time at the Center. There is a certain “bonding” between the counselors and students; unlike before, when they try to avoid going to this office. Somehow, the feeling is more open in seeking the help from our friendly and beautiful counselors (Ms. Jac, Ms. Tin, Ms. Laarni & Ms. Weng), in order to help them solve their personal, as well as their school, problems.

            So far, we were able to submit our research paper on the student services for SY 2006-2007, our students’ evaluation  on seminars, exit interviews and statistics of the college applicants during the PAASCU and PACUCOA Accreditation this month.  We never seemed to run out of research.

            At present, we are doing a research on the “Assertiveness of LCCM Students” and other research that would benefit the growth and welfare or our students, not only in their academic endeavors but also in their spiritual and moral values.


            God, like Love, moves in mysterious ways, indeed!

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