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Lady In My Dream


Malou R. Amar (PVA Member)


I dreamt once of a lady,

Wondering where she might be.

Staring around and nowhere to see

She continued to walk on the aisle like

A fish out of the sea

And don’t know where the aisle ends

Tears started to fall on her eyes

But none hears and sees. Only me

I tried to call and follow her

Yet, it seems that she never heard

I stretched out my hand towards her hands

She stops and turned her face around

Seeing her crying, my heart melts

There’s nothing I could tell her

To make her feel alright

The only thing I do is saying this:

    “Close your eyes and let your heart open.

    Believe in your self. That’s how its start.

    Dream will come, just wait and see.

    There’s the magic in you and the magic within.

    Just cheer up coz’ the secret of life

Is not just to live,

    But to have something worthwhile to live for”

As I opened my eyes, I saw no lady but myself

I felt a tear on my cheek

I was at lost for words coz’ the lady in my dream

     is ME. 


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