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Liezel Anor (PVA Member)


As I lay in my bed, I began to ponder

A day full of joy, love and sweet smiles

Oh… how I wish that day will come true

But how long will I wait?

The moment that I could possibly feel your arms

Reaching me while saying:

   “You are my everything…

     I love you more than anything…”

And if it’s true… I know…

I’ll be flying, floating, and gliding all over

But I know this is just a wonderful nightmare

That really scares me, but

I don’t want to be awaken

I’m not hoping for this to come

For I’ve been waiting so long

I am tired of waiting…

Waiting for something that is

Reality will not exist

I should wake up… maybe someday…

But for now I’ll continue dreaming

Until you’ll be mine…

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