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A R T I K E L  KO!





Stone Stone in Heaven!!


            A.G.O.C. or also known as Avoid Guidance Office Club. Not familiar, right? Yes! because this  is a new club unknowingly formed inside this school. So, how would you know if you're an unsuspecting member of this new organization?

            Here are some of their characteristics.  Check if you’re one of them.

 1. They pass by the Guidance office. (That’s it!) they passed by.

2. They look at the guidance office but  they don’t read announcements.

3. Aside from the routine interview, they never tried to talk to their guidance counselors, not even once.

4. Since they don't talk to their counselors, they do not know their counselor's whole name.

5. They only come inside the office if they need to pass the requirements.

6. They pass their requirements at the end of the semester.

7. They haven’t read GIFTS.      

            Well, if it SOUNDED like you we are describing here, its time to reflect. Change your mind, pals! Guidance Office is not as scary as you think.  The counselors are not bad as what you feel (Trauma from grade school, probably?).

            Bawi kayo next semester!!

Hope you comprehend

I have heard a lot of complaints from my co-students regarding the policy in guidance office “incomplete requirements, no signature.”  so as a consequence, they have to wait the whole day to be entertained at the guidance office. Now hold your horse while I clarify things here,,,,

It’s been a tradition in LCCM that students pass their requirements only if they wanted to.

As a student, it is our obligation to complete our requirements in any offices for purposes that can serve you better. The guidance office, for one, had posted lots of announcements, all over the school, about the completion of requirements from the very beginning of the school year.

So who should we blame if you have pending transactions in the guidance? Who should we blame  If things doesn’t work according to your plans?

Folks! Wake Up! Get my drift?

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