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Never Again


Kitgurl Fabito (PVA Member)



She’s walking away from me.

Her back is tense, and I know she’s angry with me.

I suppose she’s got a right to be angry.

She’s looking back at me now with

that look in her eyes.

The look says I’ve disappointed her again.

I know I’m coward for not even trying.

She’s been waiting a month,

and I can’t even try.


She’s getting in her car,

Heading back to that empty place she calls home.

Soon I’ll have to go back to my own empty life,

and wait for the next time we

can see each other again.

It’s not so different from what we’ve

done for the last two months.

Except, I have this awful feeling that something’s going to happen.

This feeling is so over powering,

making it hard to breathe.


Every second take her

further and further away from me.

I want to go after her.

I want to beg her to stay

and never leave my side.

Why couldn’t I just tell her

what she wanted to hear?

Why couldn’t I just tell her I love her?


Instead, I say nothing.

I do nothing

I just stand and watch her disappear,

not having the courage to call her back.


A tear runs down my cheek.

Somehow, I know,

deep in my soul,

I will never

See my Hon again.-20s

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