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Who am I?


Jamie “cute” Canauay (PVA Member)


Who am I to doubt you?

If I am just someone who is capable of nothing

Who am I to please you?

If I haven’t done anything good to anyone other than myself

Who am I to judge you?

If I sin even from the moment I open my eyes

Who am I to pride myself?

If I didn’t/ couldn’t do anything to take pride of

Who am I to saved by you?

If I know for a fact I am not worth saving

Who am I to be called for your siblings?

If I ignore time and again your sacrifices to salvate me?

Who am I to question your divine love?

If I already proven that even with my faults and flaws, wounds and sears stupidity and cruelty you always view me just the same.. A person to be loved and cared for

Now my dear Lord Jesus Christ if I still remain that someone but If I don’t have you in my life ….

Who am I?

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