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Liezel Anor (PVA Member)


“if people talk negatively about you, live in such a way that no one will believe them.”


“sometimes the best way to be strong is to admit that  you are  weak, that you can do everything on your own. When you are experiencing pain, don’t ignore your feelings. Remind your self that it’s okay to cry and lift your concerns to God. Once the storm has passed, you’ll find that you will naturally emerge as stronger and better person.”


“ sometimes, fate has cruel way of putting things together. May be it’s better if people just give up when there’s no point in fighting for something anymore. When the ship has finally sailed, only a fool would go after it when it’s already miles away. But sometimes, it’s a lot better to be a fool to go after what we want and need, rather than to regret everything in the end because we never tried.”


“always tell some one how you feel. Mean what you say and say what you mean even it’s hard. Coz opportunities are lost in a blink of eye but regrets can last a life time.”


“don’t focus on what you lost, but what remains. Don’t focus on the pain, but how the pain shaped you. Don’t focus on the failure but on the great lessons the failure has thought you.”


“when people hurt you, think of them as sand papers. They may scratch you painfully, but eventually you’ll end up smooth and polished while they end up worn out.”


Hope I made your heavy day  lighter! Good Day!

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