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GUIDANCE HOUR:  Extending Our Services to the Classroom

yog lam


            Two years in the making, the Guidance Hour (GH) has been one of the major programs of the Guidance Center.  It aims to facilitate the personal and emotional growth of the students.  This is done by bringing Guidance Services to the students rather than asking the students to come to the Center.  In order to reach our goal, we decided to bring “Guidance” to the classroom.

             For most, this is a convenience, rather than a nuisance.  The students will be able to cut down the number of visits to the Center, allowing them more time to do their school work.  Also, the classroom environment allows the students to feel more comfortable about themselves, although ultimately, a one-on-one session with the counselor would be most convenient in the counseling room.  Furthermore, the Guidance Hour would let the students experience learning with their classmates.

            This one-hour-once-a-month activity will be facilitated by the respective year-level counselors and will cover guidance activities that are usually offered as institutional seminars and workshops.  In this way, there will be less class disruptions and the discussion will be more group-focused.  Topics to be discussed during the Guidance Hour include adolescent adjustments, study habits, relationships, assertiveness, and other growth-related subject matters.  If needed, students can set an one-on-one session with the counselor at the Center.

             Ungraded and non-restrictive, the GH serves as a medium allowing students to concentrate more on the personal rather than academic needs of the students.  Also, this allows the counselors to fast-track their clearance at the end of every semester, avoiding the hassles of long lines in the office. 

             Be assured that there is NO EXTRA CHARGE demanded for this program, since this is covered for by the guidance fee.


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