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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 1)

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By: Yog Lam


            Last year, the Team Guidance (TG) was mulling over the possibility of reaching out to the LCCM community in general.   During our discussion, under the intense influence of java shots (coffee is a staple drink of the staff, with tea coming in as second), we have decided to come out with a newsletter. 


            Originally,  the newsletter is intended for the students so that they will be updated with regard to the Center’s activities, as well as presenting different useful information for their self-growth.  But due to time limit and budget constraints,  TG was not able to pursue this plan.  Instead, we put our effort on pushing for the Guidance Hour (GH), a 1-hour per month growth program for students.  This program aims to decongest the Guidance Center during clearance period by allowing the students to fulfill their requirements with us in the comfort of their classroom.  For one reason or the other, the GH program was shelved.


                This year, inspired by the great spirit of Java, we once again embarked on this ambitious plan.  There are two reasons for this:  First, our GH program was approved during the opening of classes this year, thus making it impossible to be part of the students’ registration.  Second, TG realized that the newsletter can be used as a medium of information, not only for students, but for the rest of the LCCM community members. 


            With these in mind, the TG started this newsletter.  The first three issues will be in printed and email forms.  Those who are interested can email us or register with us through our office.  After the  third issue, with the exception of some offices in the school, all newsletter shall be in electronic form (Be paperless! Save our trees!). 


            So if you are interested to get a copy of the GIFTS, email us at or drop by the office.               




La Consolacion College Manila* Guidance and Counseling Center* 8 Mendiola StreetManilaPhilippines * 1005