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When Love Goes Bad

Are you in an abusive relationship??

By: Kit Fabito (PVA Member)


There are clear warning signs when you are involved in an abusive relationship. Family town, a Singapore government website, says you should watch  out for these red flags:



FEAR. You are afraid of making your partner angry, leaving you unable to disagree with him or her.


THREATS. Your partner threatens to use violence against you or others.


PHYSICAL ATTACKS. Your partner has held you down, pushed or kicked you, or thrown things at you.


OBSESSIVE CONTROL. You cannot go out to meet your friends without your partner’s permission. Your partner demands that you justify everything that you do and forces you to choose between him or her and your family or friends.



 If you think you are in an abusive relationship, get help quickly. Tell a friend, relative, or a school or work counselor. The more control your partner has over you. Keep a record of the abuse and call the police immediately if you feel in danger.

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