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            The LCCM Guidance and Counseling Center was organized in the late 1960’s.  Known as the Guidance Center, it gave guidance and counseling to the students in an informal and non-technical way by the Augustinian members of the faculty.  The service given was chiefly spiritual in nature and approach.


          As the enrolment increases, the need to establish a distinct office was realized.  The first LCCM Guidance Center was established to attend to the academic and personal needs of students from grade school to college.  When the first LCCM Guidance Center was created, there was only one lay female counselor to cater to the needs of three departments.  In the early 1970’s, another counselor was hired because of the gradual increase in enrolment.  This continued up to the late 1970’s.  Two years before the pre-survey accreditation, the center was found to be in need of massive assessment.  The year before and during accreditation, reorganization and restructuring of the Guidance Center was done.


          In 1986, the La Consolacion College Manila Guidance Office became decentralized and the college guidance counselors were directly under the supervision of the College Dean.


          At present,the office has an inviting and friendly atmosphere.  It has cubicles for counseling, an area for testing, as well as a spacious receiving area for everyone who wishes to visit the office.  It was, and still is, a place where anyone is free to come in and talk to any of the counselors.  This is a place where an individual can be herself without fear of being condemned and where confidentiality is strictly observed.

The objectives of the Guidance and Counseling Center are prepared in the light of the philosophy and vision-mission statement of La Consolacion College Manila.


            La Consolacion College Manila Guidance and Counseling Center aims to:


1.     Give service to all students regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, learning ability level or language.

2.     Help the students to develop themselves into becoming Christian nationalist, scientific, pro-people and democratic individuals in belief and action, and Augustinian in orientation and behavior by providing them programs necessary for the development of such values and the internalization of appropriate attitudes and virtues.

3.     Prepare students to become globally-competitive individuals who are mature, responsible and committed professionals by providing them educational and vocational guidance through career information materials and self-analysis that would lead to a better understanding of themselves and the profession they would like to have, as well as helping them develop psychological, emotional, social, emotional and spiritual competencies.

4.     Make students appreciate other people and treat them with respect and consideration and promote harmonious interpersonal relationship by providing them an atmosphere where they could experience the same.

5.     Make sure that the students have easy access to the counselor and vice versa.

6.     Help cultivate and uphold students' personality uniqueness and still function effectively with others inside and outside school.

7.     Assist students in their career and educational progress.

8.     Provide consultation and synchronization of guidance services to the teachers, parents, administrators, and others who work with students.

9.     Provide developmental, as well as preventative and remedial, services to the students in need of such.

10.  Become both an essential part of and an distinct element of the total educational program of LCCM.

11. Continuously improving the existing guidance and counseling program through systemic planning and update, implementation and evaluation.



Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of guidance staff.  Also known as Team Guidance, each staff member strives to create a supportive and challenging atmosphere to encourage students to become better persons.
The Team Guidance is composed of the following:
Yog Lam (Director)
Sr. Ma. Lourdes Cruz, OSA (Part-time Counselor) 
Lei Salvedia (Grade School Counselor)
Maureen Grate (High School Counselor)
Weng Siggaoat (College Freshmen Counselor)
Khnie Dolor (College Sophomore Counselor)
Tintin Garinganao (College Junior Counselor)
Jac Gatbalite - Domingo (College Senior Counselor)
Luz Panem (Psychometrician)
Perry Montana (Researcher)
Fe Lopez (Secretary)

La Consolacion College Manila* Guidance and Counseling Center* 8 Mendiola StreetManilaPhilippines * 1005