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G.I.F.T.S. (Volume 1, Issue 2)

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By: Knight24  (PVA Member)


Once I met a stranger,

A kind and pleasant wanderer.

Who taught me things I’d never know,

And showed everything that is wonderful.


We laugh and cry as we face life,

 I’ve learned to appreciate all things

that small and new

for it will be part of our beautiful memories,

embedded in my heart.


The stranger once said

He’ll never leave me, and for eternity we’ll stay.

Serenity fills this soul of mine..

How come he made it all so true?


I never imagined time pass by so soon,

And the stranger bid goodbye.

How hard it was to say goodbye

To a person that you give your heart.


But like another story in a sad film,

Everything has to come in end.

But never to a dream will ever end.


Although he did not come back again,

The stranger will always exist…

Maybe not in your mind

Not in your dreams

But in every letter of this creation

He will always live.

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