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Diah Mae A. Abida (PVA Member)


There are too many questions aching in my life,

Questions that can be answered if we try and follow our heart,

How this things happened, knowing that we both love each other?

But, the love we both feel is just a love that could not forever       exist.

Back in our past, I know I feel something for you,

All this feelings was kept as a secret, because I believe you     

 Don’t feel the same way too.

Why this things need to happen?

It’s just I am numb for not being sensitive about you feeling?

It’s just you are foolish, for making me feel that I’m just a simple friend?


Before, everyday is a wonderful day spent with you and our        friends.

Making me laugh and smile is a great thing for me,

Every step I take brings me closer to you.

But when is day we exclusively talk to each other?

NOTHING!!! Yes nothing, because we just wasted the feeling that should be happened.

Now, you are unfolding the feelings you have for me,

Confessing the things we suppose to be.

Today, that I heard your statements,

Sorry for the word, I don’t want to feel this but I hate you!

I don’t want to feel this way but….

Where are we going to start?

Everything was already set in my life,

I’m happy with the lad who makes strong and important.

Tell me now, when and where this event would fed up?


I know that we have both faults,

We didn’t both tell each other how we feel,

But… who am I to start?!?!

Who am I to start to tell everything what I feel?

As far as I remember you said that,

“That girl will be forever be my friend only”.

What we should do now?

Now, that we both know why these past situations happened     to us?

Too many questions that we should both answer,

So that no one will stay hurt, even your lass and my man.


How we are going to fix this one?

Why did the destiny allow these secrets revealed?

When are we going to start from the scratch?

Where are you when these things should be happened?

Who am I and you are to completely hate each other?

What are we going to do after this dilemma that both test us?

Life is so cruel to us, doesn’t let us meet on the right time,

I know there is still something that we both feel,

But, it is not easy because there is a boy who gave me

confidence to face everything,

That’s why I’m strong saying this to you…

“Let’s just sip this and let destiny decide.

For now, thank you for letting me know the truth and ….

Sorry but I can’t leave the person who doesn’t show fear to       

tell his love for me.

And this time around… we both need to say GOODBYE”

La Consolacion College Manila* Guidance and Counseling Center* 8 Mendiola StreetManilaPhilippines * 1005