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It’s the end of the wintery-feel season so I think you’ve got lots of time to think about how you are going to spend your summer vacation. Right?

Well, your just in time because here are some things to remember so you can enjoy your whole summer without regrets.

1. Where to go

If you have no budget for your summer getaways you can just stay in your home AND watch DVD. If you really want to go outside, well you can window shop in your favorite mall. Resorts or clubhouses can be a very good site to see. Most of all if you have enough budget for your summer vacation you can have summer camp together with your barkada. But! Don’t forget to tell them it’s KKB. 

2. Sunblock lotion

For what purpose? Of course to avoid sunburned skins. But remember it is not enough to apply sunblock lotion to your skin once. There are some lotions that are not long lasting, Consider also the time when you applied it and the intensity of the heat. Sunblock lotions must be applied  thirty minutes before you swim and don’t forget to re-apply every after 2 hours

3. Fashion Statement

Shorts and T-shirts may be the most familiar way to beat the heat, but the new flirty skirts are more appropriate. It will make you a little bit sexier either you’re skinny or chubby. You can match it  with  any colorful flip flops (still, it depends on your personality.)

Well, you may or you may not accept my few  tips this summer but I hope you’ll all enjoy your vacation. Have a great vacation!

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