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Mara Ballad Calagui (PVA Member)


Nine months ago, I saw a group of ladies who kept on coming In and out of the guidance office. They were different from other groups.  I feel different when I saw them. I feel that one day they will be part of my whole college life. 

One sunny day, one of their members approached me and ask if I want to be part of their group called as “Peer Volunteer’s Association”, and without hesitation I accepted the invitation and became part of it. After a month, I became officially  a part of their group and so are the other invited students. I got to know them really well. Well, at least I have new friends, new home,, and new family. Sir Yog is our daddy, and the guidance counselors as our mommies. The group of ladies are our elder sisters, and we, the new members, are their babies.       

For nine months I grew molded by the love and protection of the PVA. Sir Yog shared his wisdom with us, the counselors taught us to be useful, our elder sisters inspired us through their teamwork and we taught ourselves to appreciate things. For nine months that I stayed here in guidance office as a PVA member, I was nourished with the warmth of their love and invaluable knowledge that they have imparted us.

            And I owe this to the group of ladies who invited me to be part of the PVA one sunny day.:


Ate icy, ate maika, ate ehya, ate ekang ate kath ate anna, ate edz, ate toni, ate nitz, ate Hannah and ate val (even if she’s not with us most of the time.). They inspired us in their own special way. Now that they are about to leave this school, I want them to know that they have touched the lives of so many PVA babies. Without them, I will most probably still be outside the guidance office, puffing ten sticks of cigarettes and drinking one barrel of beer a day. Though we’ve been together for only nine months, I’d like them to know that they mean so much to me and they made half of my college life happy and complete.






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