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How to Depose an Imposer

(Adaptation from Reader’s Digest)

Adapted and Edited by:

Kit Fabito (PVA Member)


To keep those who ask too much from crossing the line, with no hurt feelings:


Party guests who stay too late. Signal the night’s end by cleaning up. If they don’t budge, say it’s about you, not them: “ I had a great time, but I have to get up early.”


The Constant Borrower Think of terms that make the situation feel fair. “its cool that you save money by using my coffee maker. If you’d let me use your vacuum cleaner. I’d save too. Does that seem fair?”


Daughters or sisters who assume you will baby–sit First say, “I Love being with your kids,” so she won’t think you don’t. Then set a clear boundary, like: “I’d like more notice so you can make other plans if I say no.”


Unexpected visitors Don’t let them disrupt. “Oh, I wish you’d called. You can come in, But I have to be on the computer for the next hour.” After a time or two, they’ll call.

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