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Lover’s…not in Love?

By: Jamie “cute” Canauay (PVA Member)


Could it be possible to call someone your lover,

when you’re not in love with that person?

Would you still call them lover if you know they do not love you?

Yes, you’re both together united by a commitment

 but just a commitment to be together, not anything else.

Would that matter even just a bit?

Keeping your relationship just because

you’re obliged to do so and not for anything else?


Could it just be possible to call them beloved when there’s no emotion emanating from you for that person?

There’s no radiance when they smile for you.

It’s just that a smile, it contains nothing.

Would you still keep on holding onto obligation?

Would you oblige to a commitment?

Just a commitment, nothing more.


For you and your lover, being lovers is nothing more than just being together.

Just a union of two people. A state of just being together.

A lover is a lover plain and simple.

No other word would speak volumes of it,

you only call a person lover when you’re in love.

A lover isn’t just someone to be united with.


When you call a person lover, you unite everything with them. Your emotions, body, soul and life.

Your smile echoes your lover’s smile,

so as your tears, dreams, pain and so much more.

Now, wouldn’t it be possible to still call them lover when you’re not in love?

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