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By: Kit Fabito (PVA Member)


Peer Volunteers Association and the Guidance Center carried out its regular summer training for Peers as part of their requirement as  Peer Facilitators and Counselors. 

Conducted last March 29-31, 2007, the said training was held at San Sebastian Retreat House,  where officers and members alike were trained  in preparation for the coming school year.  Our training covered areas where, ultimately, we  will be ready to handle the duties and responsibilities, not only as peers and officers of the PVA, but also as officers of other organizations.  Most of all, it prepared us to be a leader of ourselves.

Making small and big decisions, molding our own talents, know our own weaknesses and strengths, hone our leadership skills and helping us gather more students to be like us:  These are just some of the things we have learned.  Most importantly, it molded us to become effective “bridges” between the students and the Guidance Center.

We were not pressured on this training because we are all enjoying our stay in the retreat house. The training approach was different because, although we felt like we’re just taking our vacation, the impact of the training was felt intensely afterwards. 

On the First Day of our stay, we did some activities and processing, while on the 2nd day, a presentation of our assignment regarding leadership and a half day planning for the school year 2007-2008 for the PVA were lined up for us. We devoted the night session with a tribute to our graduating peer members by having a simple “PEERWELL” .  The last day was devoted to  polishing our action plans. The PVA officers this year are in full charge of their own activities this time, part of our training as leaders. 

The Counselors ( Ms.Jac, Ms.Weng, Ms. Tin and Ms. Mau) were in-charge of our activities, icebreakers and processing during the training, while Ms. Laarni was in Manila, taking charge of the Center’s activities.  Sir Yog (TD,GDP) did a short talk on “ The Characteristics of a Good Leader” and “Leadership Styles”.

There were some memorable quotes which I would like to share with the readers.  These came from Sir Yog during his short talks, although he has been “drilling” these ideas into our brains since we became part of this organization: 



Nothing is impossible

Intentions is nothing; result is everything.

Don’t say sorry, just change!

Always bring your brains.

You don’t need to be accepted!

Expect the unexpected!



We gained so much from the training itself:  Self-confidence, trust, love, optimism in life and continuing our Journey as a person of worth.

            We really treasure this Organization.. This is not just an ordinary organization, group or anything; this is our Second Family. We have our moms ( Counselors) we have our Dads ( Sir Boy and Dadi Yog) and Siblings (co-peers). This is one of the reason why we are different from the rest. But one thing for sure: if you join this organization you will understand what I really mean.




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